Reply To: Essence Posters


Will someone please update on what’s so with these? I fully trust that some communication happened following this post, but Brittany  you might be oh so capably holding all the knowledge. I can own the breakdown of not doing complete work following my urge that Britt allow support – and having my eye from full ownership on all the accountabilities is a gap I’m actively working to close leading up to a module I will be absent for – and supporting Jeff to have it with JuSih’s support and that of my replacement.

And Team – in my role as acting Back of Room (BoR) LiT, I own production accountabilities and partner with Jeff who owns Team Being (in his role as acting Back of Room).

Please support our ownership of production (me) and team being (Jeff) by communicating openly, closing communication loops so we’re up to date, and requesting support where needed. Thans!

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