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 Kerry Zurier

T –

First of all, I must have missed the part where you are growing “Baby Blueberry.”  I love that!!!!  It will be like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Violet becomes a blueberry 🙂

Second – Well being and integrity are the foundation of everything successful.  It seems like that is where you are focused and I appreciate your willingness to ask for support.

Lastly – What is missing for me here is you choosing who you will be throughout your pregnancy and being at cause to create that and get support for that now.  I get that this is what you need now and it is based on current symptoms (exhaustion, etc.).  You do not know how it is going to go.  And, you have the opportunity to create structures for support now and who you will be now and who Jack will be for you and blueberry now and your mom now and who the team will be for you now and create all of it now.  I hope this is making sense.

Without making it about me, when I had my accident, there were many times that I was scared, overwhelmed and wanted to quit everything.  The best thing I did with my coach was create who I was going to be NO MATTER WHAT happened.  And, then I could come back to that and put in support structures around that.  Did it always go smoothly or perfectly?  Absolutely not.  But, because I did that foundational work, it went so much better then I believe it would have otherwise.

My intention is to support you as you move forward creating a big life that has everything you want including being a mom and a coach.

Much love,



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