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Team, allow me to enroll you – if you’re not already – in the brilliant, loving, powerful, adventurous leader that is Mick Carbo to be THE ONE to stand in for me during this upcoming module. He confirmed that not only is he enrolled, but so is his entire leadership team on DC Summer.

Mick was the first person I presented the option to on February 12th, almost 3 weeks ago. For me, he met all of the CoS I envisioned. I knew he was already enrolled in Brittany’s next level leadership as a newly promoted FoR and declared Junior Leader. I knew he has powerful relationships with Jeff (and he supported Jeff while Jeff was wobbly on his commitment to AC!), with Kerry, who he used to work with when she was in DC and that she would be able to reflect his gaps and ground taken which he’d carry back to his home team. That was all important to me because I have been a demand that this enrollment be about causing breakthroughs in leadership – for me, for our team – and for that person, their team, and the company.

His partnering with Brittany as acting FoR will support her as acting Junior Leader – which means more room for Kerry to lean back and lean into support and for each of our leadership breakthroughs! Enough said. Want more? =)

His partnering with Jeff and Juliana will support their BoR promotions.
Who he is and what he represents in the world as a coach has already created a breakthrough for Charlie in what he sees is possible in coaching, in family, and in integration. Charlie, please share more on the conversations you’ve been in with construction companies and blue collar businesses.
He will soon be leading the DC reg game and we can bring the powerful way we play a global reg game to support him in leading one – from both coasts. One of the things he brought his team is that he sees how we are be about playing a global reg game positions us as an ally to the DC registration game, which he’s leading in DC – and I’m excited to cross-pollinate team Power Hours in service of more breakthroughs and results for all. Who wants in on that game?
While he was super resistant at first he shared with me that he chose to be self enrolled and to lean into a breakthrough he’s been working on in his relationship to God in the form of surrender and allowing – in spite of preferences, likes, dislikes. That is rigor. And with the love and heart that we bring to every module, coupled with our next breakthrough in bringing all of that WITH rigor – that is available for all of us.
A choice to be self enrolled, to lean in, and to create literally anything in the unknown. Together.
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