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Lauren and I had a technical glitch with her google drive. Finally got it settled! Here’s her check-in, and I am going to circle back to Jonathan. He’s generally unresponsive around check-in, so I’ll bring this to our “knock it the f* off” conversation tomorrow.


Name: Lauren Steely

Date: 3/2/20

Request for Coaching This Week: 

I would like to receive coaching around revising my new project plan to make sure that I’m writing this from my essence and not my survival mechanisms. I’d also like to dissect my overarching context to make sure that I can address what it is I’m truly scared of so that I know what I’m facing and can overcome head-on (ie. it’s not sneaking up on me).


Practices I completed:

Signed up for

Recorded a coaching session, will send it to you by 3/6/20

Invited 1 person to next AC observation

Actively practicing to listen to people as Greatness and noticing the context in the way


Post Michael Beckwith’s “4 Kingdoms of Consciousness.” Practice noticing from which level you are operating.

Practice feeling your feelings fully and completely. Notice what happens.

Block time in your schedule for sessions/clients. Until those slots are full, that is your marketing time.

Watch the “Miracle”

Practice open-hearted sharing and vulnerability on purpose. Notice what it creates.

Distinguish the past in yourself and other’s conversations. Practice supporting others in designing from the future.


Practices that are incomplete: 

Take on the 3 Letter Series with a relationship breakdown

Review your Sales Cycle with your coach. Post and practice empowering what you create.

Identified 6 areas to be complete with AC up until now (AC, your coaching, teammates, etc.) Next is to get complete

Required Reading: Conversations with God. Recommended: Coaching with Spirit by Teri-E. Belf; This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook by Ram Dass

Make daily and weekly promises to your buddy for your calls and appointments for coaching clients.

 “The Big Lebowski”

Take on the practices at the end of the Life Purpose Coach’s Instructions handout.

Get at least one new paying client. Support one another to fulfill on your declared client promise for this month.

Attend a group call with your CTP team to discuss the movies and books.


Project #1  Desired Life

What by When: To be living my fulfilled life full of love for god, myself, family, friends, and strangers. A life full of harmony, music, dancing, art, laughter, history, possibility, wealth, freedom and overall abundance by 12/24/2021


Next Project Milestone: Make consultation appt with Natalie Sanchez (Edward Jones) by 3/6/20


Update/Progress this Week: 

  • Created time block schedule to keep me more on task and progressing forward
  • Met with a tax consultant to prepare to operate an efficient, lean business
  • Received 2 referrals to wealth advisors to prepare for future financial goals
  • Updated LinkedIn professional profile
  • Wrote an open letter on Facebook to cast a net for conversations for possibility


Number of Clients 

Pro Bono: 1

Partial Pay: 0

Full Pay: 0


Coaching Hrs to Date:

Pro Bono: 26

Partial Pay: 0

Full Pay: 0

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