Reply To: Charlie and Mike Qualification enrollment

 Charlie Horn

Thanks for all the questions Team. Here are the notes Mike and I have. I will answer all the questions and Mike please add anything you have.

Group coaching

6 months

Upfront $299 x 6 = 1,794 Savings of $303

Payments $349 x 6 = 2,094

– Every other week 2 hours (Mike & Charlie 15 min before & 15 min after, 90 min with participants.) 

– 8 people/participants and no more

– Bonus – workshop though AC included in pricing

– Support in between though GroupMe only

– 12 session program which is equal to 6 months

– Official start date March 24th  

By when? If we don’t get all 8 people by march 24 we will allow new people until April 21

why not include observation? Great Idea. Thanks Britany, because observation is free I and maybe Mike? made it up it wouldn’t be a value add in the “sale” . I don’t think we talked about it. It totally is a value and I see it as valuable to bring to our clients. Mike what say yee?

How will you be sourcing the peeps? I am going back to all the people Who were a yes but (around either time or money) and bringing my new “its all one game being” to them. I am empowered and in action. And yes I see that there is just circumstance here in the way that has had people saying no. This group conversation is one more structure to have me going in and coaching around the objection one more time where I would normally stop. Mike and I are holding each other accountable with this next level commitment to each other, coaching and our client games. Mike update us as to what actions you are in that are different/new

What do you two see around this and dual relationship? Yes there Is opportunity to get in the weeds here and we have agreement that we each are fully responsible to fill the program and we split down the middle regardless of who brings who to the group. Whoever creates the client will own that client around payment, the back office and if there are any other breakdowns. With support, partnership and relationship. We will equalize the money outside of AC if necessary. The opportunity to partner with Mike and be supporting each other during our sessions is a breakthrough for both of us. This group will be a demand of us and we will step into that from relationship, partnership and accountability. What else do you all see around dual relationship Team?

I don’t hear about how you see this giving both of you coaching hours? I totally get this and I see it as well. The enrollment is that we will be in qualification from this structure that has us not meeting the standard number of hours individually. As one leader of the group we would be meeting the hour requirement. So as a team Mike and I are looking to have you all allow for the group hours apply to both of us separately as we lead together. What is in it for us is to have it be sourcing our opportunity to train in addition to coaching. I see that the training around tools is a way to source the group and as  access to the coaching. We are going to be bringing the being and the coaching around what the group sees for them as a whole every week.

both to have at least one client that you’re working with 3-4 times a month? What I see for you all and us as a team is to have Mike and I with one additional structure that will be a catalyst to us in qualification, sourcing our experience coaching more people,  showing up in this AC program with confidence and stamina and ,as it is one big game of integration in life, being a demand of ourselves, you all, the participant team, future programs through reg game aaaaaannnndd (ready Nichole and Kerry) WORLD PEACE!!! yes I said it! Mike and I’s group is indeed a small pebble in the global pond but undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Who knows what kind of leader will come of it, who knows which one from our group will join AC or create some other structure in there life to be pushing the wave of peace that is building. And where did it all start? That is right…….The Mike D and Charlie H 2020 group coaching program!!!!

what will the ontological component look like outside the tools? We see that each member of the group will source the requests for coaching and we will let the rhythm of the group land on one or two requests each week. We will be getting agreement for this and make adjustments as necessary. from there its business as usual in the ontology department.

And how could this idea be a feeder into potential full practices for you both? Yes it is absolutely a source for one on one coaching FP clients, workshop, observation, AC modules and beyond. Im sure the connections and bonds made here will generate more than we can see right now. And we are committed to doing the group making money and sourcing all that was mentioned above regardless of qualification. From there why not source some enrollment at the same time with a qualification conversation.

Mike what did I miss?

Team what did I miss? Where are you all at from here?


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