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 Aarti Mallya

Hey team I have now connected with all of our options and we have 3 amazing options making this a great challenge to pick the one.


Option #1 from Nichole

Melody is light, joy, connection, and humble. She’s clear, easy to understand, and relate-able having important conversations be smooth and fun. She has presented all over the country to small and large groups. She very experienced with talking to just one person at a time to hundreds of people. Melody is passionate about people having proper legal foundation. Her company Legal Greenhouse is committed to educating business owners about legal matters in an approachable and cost effective manner. Legal Greenhouse is a think tank and developer of innovative solutions to complex and systemic problems in the legal profession and the United States judicial system and the legal profession. She has written a book and talks weekly to help others so they don’t end up with issues down the road. She is an expert of experts. Melody is truly passionate about people and in the best interest of others with her specializes in everything were looking for, for the participants.


Option #2 from Brittany

Eric Tetrault

Eric is passionate about partnering and helping in others in best interest of everyone. He is well structured and to the point in a compassionate way. He has help many businesses in all different was from start to finish. Eric is a transnational lawyer in name, but he considers himself a business adviser- whom clients, students, or people can come to to get support on how to build a business, how to step away, how to decide whats next, etc. He firmly believes in a team approach, and that a business owner should have a lawyer, CPA, attorney, etc such that each can act as a consultant and bring something different. He shared that it’s all about partnership and relationship (SOUND FAMILIAR). His commitment to this work is that he is trusted resource, and one of his hobbies is teaching at USD to give back and be in this conversation about best business practices.

He didn’t know much about coaching so we had a great convo there, and he let me know he loves entrepreneurs and “who they are in the world.” Y’all I’m so jazzed about this guy!!!

Option #3 from Mike

Last but not least Mark DeVincentis with Panakos Law managing attorney of securities and transactions so you are secured and protected in your business and personal life. Mark is bold, powerful, well spoken, and is all about certainty. He would be a great fit because he is well thought out, thorough, and full of certainty. The website for the company he works with is <u>http://www.Panakos.Law</u&gt; .


Team are you enrolled in options #1 Melody to be the one?


For this opportunity and breakthroughs this has been a great and challenging experience. For me stepping into this opportunity was a whole new experience. Even though I have seen team members play for message therapist, photographer, and maybe others. I have not really taken in all that goes with it. So I felt like I have no idea what I’m doing. Plus the experience vs just having the knowledge is way different. This had me with excitement and challenge back and forth constantly. Bring myself back to being to come from essence, purpose, and breakthroughs.  I swung, swung, and swung again. I went way past where I normally do. With me being out of qualification I feel I had an easy chance to pass this on and let it go. That would of  been the normal to just give up and say fuck it, it’s not worth it, and worth my time. Thinking this should be way easier and not so complicated. This is why I deceided to keep going and be present to the purpose, contribution, making things happen.

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