Reply To: Playing On Seattle May 2-3

 Tiffany Turner

Sabs your first message didn’t land as a stand, I felt slimmed. Would you be willing to swing again at your stand for me?

If not, that’s okay. I know you’re well intended, and I know we’re both practicing this work at our own growth edges.

I hear that there are gaps in my enrollment for you, and I’m more than happy to create those with you. I also hear an invitation to bring a higher level consistency, and I’m up for that breakthrough too. I know that we’re all in process of being with our greatness for longer and longer, and we’re all at different stages of our journeys of how long we can be with our greatness. I believe the entire team is aligned in our self expansion there.

I’m not sure if this will address anything you need, but it might, so I’ll put it in: I don’t know how today is going to go, and I definitely don’t know how next week, next month, May, or grad weekend in September are going to go. I could have waited until I was out of first trimester, not leaning on team for support, and brought an enrollment around Seattle then, but that felt manipulative. I know about it now, and I’m committed to creating it now. And, I have no idea how I’ll be feeling. I could have some crazy complication and be hospitalized at that time, in which case, I will have partnered with Steph, enrolled SEA, enrolled SD, and I wouldn’t be able to go.

My point being, there’s a ton of unknown in my space, and I’m not willing to play from fear of how it could go, I’m actually committed to creating AC the way I want it, during my pregnancy. I hear you that it’s left you feeling that I’m asking for two things in contradiction, and girl, I’m SO tuckered out right now. Even though people have told me, I didn’t get it until I got here, I need rest all day long. And I probably could have planned for that, but I didn’t. So here we are. I’m in breakdown, I need support, and it’s temporary. There’s breakthroughs in my breakdown for all of us. There’s breakthroughs in me going to Seattle too, and those don’t need to be at odds with my current requests for support. They’re only at odds if we make them to be.

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