Reply To: Payments

 Brittany Cotton

Hey Team,

Following our co-coaching call yesterday, I really want to bring rigor to who we are being about payments. I notice that like Jonathan, when we are at the module: on fire, and when we leave the proverbial module: kicking the can down the road. I am so committed to this team having a breakthrough in Rigor, and I see the payment conversation is the perfect place to practice. (Just like the payment conversation is a place for them to practice having it go different in their own lives– whether that means a breakthrough in money, a breakthrough in stand, a breakthrough in boldness…

We have created a new structure to have it go different: T time next week. Let’s not stop there. That would be us doing a new structure for rigor, the same we already do it.

So, 1. please have a conversation with your participant about getting there, the importance of it, and who they will be in terms of getting their teammates there.

2. Have a conversation with them about what that call is for, do not wait to have these rigorous convos until we are all together, or at module. Enroll them in the rigor and urgency of this, and that whats at risk is all of their individual breakthroughs, losing their teammates, etc.

Please respond to this thread with an update on your peeps and this convo/tuesdays call. (aka who do we know will be there, who is resisting, who might need extra support, etc.)


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