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I was just about to bring an update when I saw your post. Woo! Here’s what’s so with Jonathan…

He’s pretty fired up. On one hand, he has the “I’m doing all I can” thing going on. But he also knows that’s bullshit. He only spent about the first five minutes on the call in his poop soup when we got verrrry real about the situation he’s in now that he’s 3+ months behind and what he’s going to do about it. But he rose to the conversation.

He expressed some frustrations with how it goes with team (and is admittedly one of the ones having it go this way) and said he wants to be the one to bring rigor to his team around supporting each other and knowing where each other are at. He sees an opportunity to step into leadership and use AC and his team as practice for the leadership he wants to bring to his business.

He is going to take on a breakthrough of getting supported and reach out to family members to ask for financial support to pay for AC while he’s growing his business and coaching practice. He is going to make those calls this week to see how much he can drum up by Tuesday and then bring a conversation to the team about where he’s at and the support he needs. He is taking it very seriously and said, “If they tell me I can’t come to the module, I’m coming anyway. I’m not going out like that.” This conversation definitely lit him up and I’m going to stay with him all week checking in on how his outreach for support is going.

He has two people signed up so far for his group fitness/coaching. He is going to make a $700 payment this week (which will catch him up for December and he will now owe for Jan/Feb/March) and again see how much he can collect from supporters by Tuesday and be prepared with a plan and next steps.

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