Reply To: Breakthroughs for the Year

 Sabrina Pratt

Haha. Super down to play!

I actually said my thing to Lesa just this morning (see the payments thread) and it generated all kinds of never before seen intimacy and connection and breakthroughs for her and me and probably also her team as I have it that she is taking much of our conversation to her teammates.

To Andrew I would say: You are not a confused and lost child or a total weirdo on the fringe of society- From your rightful place as a powerful man and a king how do you say your life will go from here?

To myself I would say. Uh. The exact same things I say to Andrew & Lesa- haha. I would say, “Sabs, you are a babe and a total baller. You are fully willing to trust and have faith and play on a whole new level, please, for the love of god, stop pretending you are anything but a total fucking BOSS and do whatever the fuck you have to do to put your big girl pants ON and change the fucking world, already.”

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