Reply To: Enrollment – LKT Module 4 Absence

 Brittany Cotton


You are at it again, modeling enrollment so powerfully. Im totally present to who you are in the enrollment conversation, and thinking back to when you enrolled our team in your Maternity leave (to be clear for those of you who weren’t on here, it wasn’t that she had to enroll us in going off to have a baby, but who she was determined and committed to be in the face of all the shifts!)

I am fully enrolled! AND I am so damn excited its Mick. As you all may remember I went and subbed on DC the weekend before our grad weekend, and I got so much out of partnering with Mick. I can’t wait to do it again, and show him the same love and support he showed me.

The only thing I haven’t heard from you LKT is whats so with team calls? How do you see partnering with Mick to have him here and connected? Will he be on our production? Reg? Etc?

Love you!

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