Reply To: Sab's Super FUN Enrollment in Breakthroughs All Over the Place

 Aarti Mallya

Brittany I hear you, I almost all the way agree with you, and I am willing to show up  as leader with some rich delicious insights. For me when I read the Sabrina’s first post about Sonik I started tearing, it really touched my heart. I read the rest and my first response was no, I shouldn’t do, and I’m probably the last person on the team in worst financial position that should do this. But who knows it’s all just different numbers for income vs expenses and spending. I then looked at from a higher level. Yes I have high expenses and I spend more money than I should on things I should that most people would say. Like dates with Sophia, vacations, and other things. The thing is I have complete faith that I am going to figuring it all out before I run out of credit card space and can’t pay my car bill. It’s really just another fire under my ass.

Now overall I this as a good cause for Sonik. I see it as a luxury that maybe Sonik shouldn’t spend his money on but a great gift. With exercise, community/team, and coaching. I believe exercise and anything health related is a big part of the foundation of the quality of our life’s and happiness. Then you throw in some coaching and wow what a great deal. For Jonathon I see this is great for him and not crossing dual boundary lines. Jonathon created this, he is working hard and putting in the work. I think it is so awesome what he created. I think if he was going to us and pushing us to donate for all his participants it would be another story. For Sabrina with her big heart, the benefits for Sonik, Jonathon, her self, and to put all the efforts in I say wow this is all really cool, you’ve earned it and there so much here for every so, I’m in.

Brittany you asked, “Do I get that we want more from you, and that only us getting more from you will allow us to support you in all the things you want?” I will take this to my tread by end of weekend as I don’t want to distracted from Sabrina’s thread here.


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