Reply To: Update on T & Team Well-Being

 Jeff Miller

Hey Juliana,

Thanks for the reflection. My post had two intentions. First, to let the team know what is so with T and to let the team know that her participants will be cared for. And yes this was an update and it is funny that I didn’t notice the lack of enrollment. Kerry had a conversation with T and then gave me the what is so. Because I am always enrolled in supporting the participants and our team I didn’t even see the gap of enrollment with this. LKT pointed this out as while as I just told her that she is supporting Nancy. No enrollment and not even asking if she was willing. I see the top down in that for sure. Something for me to own in my automatic behavior that I need to watch. Simply because I am enrolled in something doesn’t mean others are enrolled as well. Also, my rules context showed up on the sly as well. Like I am a DLiT and so is LKT so this is our job. This is simply not true and caused me to enroll LKT and not even check in. Thanks for the reflection Juliana.

The second intention of my post was to enroll the team in taking a look at our well-being and use this forum as a structure to play out loud about things we will be taking on for the upcoming module. I notice that Juliana didn’t address this, and nobody else responded. I am curious what’s up? In service of my leadership will you all take a look and let me know what has you not respond? It could be simply because the forum has been on steroids, or my post didn’t land, or something else. Thanks for taking a look for yourselves and in support of me and this team.

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