Reply To: Update on T & Team Well-Being

 Juliana Sih

I notice these two sides of you Jeff in your leadership. Either you lean back and kinda let other people take the lead, or you are so “enrolled” that you just go into delegate, tell people what to do and get shit done mode. Do you see where I am looking?

For the second part, I didn’t respond because the experience I had was, hey y’all, this is what I am doing, let me share, maybe you should do it too”. And then later in your speaking, “I would love to use this thread as accountability for myself and whosever wants to use it in how we will source our well-being now thru the module”. It wasn’t clear to me that you were asking anything of us. And there wasn’t enough questions in the post for me to think about it for myself or get behind. I would have loved some higher level conversation around what you see a breakthrough in well-being would look like for us, AC, our team, participants, etc.

Thats my experience of this post. Who else has something?

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