Reply To: Update on T & Team Well-Being


I think what I see are 2 separate – related – but separate conversations. There’s T and the support she needs and who we’re gonna be as team around it (and yea, I always appreciate the relationship element on the side of the trusting that I’m a hell yes to supporting the program but the “and LKT will be supporting Nancy” isn’t how I know any of us to do our work). I got into relationship with you, got complete, and all is well, but Jeff thanks for seeing that being the messenger of a conversation isn’t sufficient – or reflective of your greatness in leadership.

Then there’s the wellbeing conversation. It’s cool because T’s body is being a demand that she look at her structures and create sufficient support to what she’s creating. Literally. So I love where you’re looking, Jeff. I also see you said “whoever wants to use it” and then reflected that no one used it. You’re funny.

My hunch is you see something around an opportunity to support our own declarations for our next level with enhanced wellbeing (leader care check-list anyone?) and instead of enrolling us in sourcing ourselves you brought tennis coach score keeper (is that one of your SMs?) Willing to swing (ha, I’m funny too) again?

Juliana – I see you putting in rigor. Was throwing in “that’s my experience of your post” at the end a sneaky rigor sabotage? =)

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