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My favorite thing about enrollment is that I know I can’t enjoy it if I call it enrollment but then perform, ask permission, try to convince or be at effect.

What I see is that T is having an authentic experience of enrollment. Some people need stuff, some people don’t. Some people stand for something they see. Some people don’t see stuff. It’s unpredictable and powerful and I have it that’s what has many of us not practicing.

I also see you entering into an enrollment conversation willing to be enrolled, own what you’re not enrolled in, and willing to own your needs. Can you distinguish what had you stop and call in team?

Keep trusting yourself. Keep trusting T. You two have created powerful relationship breakthroughs and there’s probably more available. I personally am not engaging in the content because it’s what you need to be enrolled and I don’t hold myself as needing to mediate it.

Will you take a look at what you really need to be enrolled? Don’t have to be right, but my hunch is it isn’t about T, but about Team.


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