Reply To: Leader Integrity Party 3.9.20


PC/LIT NAME: Nichole MacDonald

CITY /NUMBER OF CTP: SD Modular 19/20

PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: I need support with Ryan and Lesa. Although they are not my participants, they come to me with complaint. I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of leaning back and staying “out of it” and letting them create their experience with their coach. But the recent vitriol has turned up the pressure and Lesa told me today that she wants to talk to me about leaving AC and we are going to talk tomorrow. I know she has a call with Sabs and Kerry today, so maybe she’ll be feeling differently by tomorrow. But I don’t know. As for Ryan, he is not looking forward to module and I am nervous about how his being is going to impact me when he’s in my home after he gets back from his trip. When he’s in SM, it permeates the house and gets all over me.

Client Game: It’s fine. 

Current FP Clients: 3

Clients through AC: 2

Coach Paid: No – still waiting to get my card. I’m guessing it will come today.

Clients Paid: Yes

Insurance: Yes

Holding anything: Yes

Sample Sessions had Last 7 days:0

Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 2

By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? N/A.


My Projects: 

I have updated two of my four project designs and posted them in the forum. My declaration is to have the other two up by module.


# of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 


Jonathan – 2 / Lauren – 1

PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Lauren: Lauren and I had a great call last week!! She wanted to “figure out what she was afraid of.” We went through sort of a reverse-engineered life purpose exercise and discovered that her fear is in trusting herself and others. If she can trust herself and others it will give her access to boldness, creativity, and intimacy. She practiced bringing bold reflections to the team, with creativity and intimacy, as a way of trusting.

PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Steve: Jonathan is still a bit on his pendulum between “Everything is awesome!” and “Dis tew much.” Man if that guy could just have the money breakthrough he is on the verge of!! As discussed last week, it’s not just money. We discovered the bigger breakthrough is being a stand for himself, being ruthless about getting supported, and speaking his truth.  He broke down a bit on our last call about his brother and about how he needs grief counseling. He’s planning to call someone today (and I will check on that when I talk to him tonight). I am giving him some extra support as he reaches out to family members for support. He has a lot of judgements about himself around that. He’s talking to his grandpa tonight and we’re going to do 5 minutes of acknowledgement before he gets on. What I’m finding is that he needs consistent and almost constant reminders of his greatness to not swing back into SM. 

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