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 Aarti Mallya

Team I feel like I’m on a roller coaster and going back into my patterns. But doing better than I have done in the past. The last two full weeks from Monday to Sunday have been quite a ride and now I am getting scared and spiky.

The first week I requested for people to check in as I’m not usually reliable to say when I’m down or going down. I was making calls, going though the easier ones and then started requesting power hours for the harder one and to just keep me going. There were some really cool things that happen which are great things to remind me of.

A friend and her husband were in town and we ended up meeting up. She said I looked better than ever. Also may be able to connect me with some leads. I will be following up with her this weekend. Another guy and I are talking about me joining his mini workshops he already does where he now wants to present for an hour and then I would for an hour. I’ve been in some conversations with some financial ad-visors about being referral sources for each other. The first week I really focused on my being, didn’t drive for Lyft at all, and took a lot of breaks.

The second week I didn’t do any Lyft driving either. I tried something different with my sample sessions and have follow ups. The amount of reaching out I did went a little down. The request and the support diminished. I felt like I was on a good path and it didn’t seem like the power hours were fitting with schedules anymore. Which I’m just saying to take ownership and I’m trying to blame or shame anyone. Like I should keep requesting power hours even with a low result rate. Also may be try something different for the result.

So I feel like I’ve gotten into some story and was about to get into more to show I’m in action and maybe even bring up “winning strategy of having people fell sorry for me…”

What’s next:

– I have a follow up on Friday that I’m excited about and feeling great about. I’m getting hired on Friday.

– I have a follow up on Sunday that is going to be challenging with the money. But he is so enrolled in me. He may be good for group.

– I am going skip out on reg in service of me being in action

– I am going to only focus on a few things on the forum that are feel are most important like responding to this thread and anything that has to do with the module.

– I am going to get back to requesting power hours.

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