Reply To: Payments

 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Team!

Lesa is still unpaid, no declaration around payment. She has been avoiding being in action sufficient to create the money to walk into the room in integrity. I was surprised to hear her say that she cancelled her meeting with Nichole yesterday because I had it that after our conversation with Kerry that Lesa was planning to talk to Nichole (and others) about creating the money to get caught up on her payments.

We were supposed to have our coaching call this morning at 11am. Lesa texted me at 9am to say she didn’t feel good and was too tired and needed sleep. She rescheduled to today at 2pm and just texted me again that she doesn’t feel well enough to make the coaching call. I am definitely “hitting a wall” with her right now and I can see that she is in the avoidance cycle with me, with coaching, with AC, with money. She is in the “quitting” of her automatic right now and she likely does not even know it.

LKT and I are hopping on a call in a moment for quick support/conversation. Team, what do you see?

Thank you!


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