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I had a call with Jonathan today. Y’all… I’m so proud of him!! After T-Time yesterday, he was feeling frustrated. We chatted just briefly and he said he felt incomplete. I told him to lean into team to get complete. He wound up calling every single one of his teammates on the phone!! Today he sounded like a completely different person. He had made up so much stuff about his team thinking he’s a loser and a mooch. He wound up getting $1,350 donated by his teammates for tuition and money for the trip (he’s putting $1,000 toward tuition and using $350 for the weekend trip) with commitments from several other teammates to do the same — just a matter of trying to figure out how much and how to facilitate. He is having a lot of breakthroughs right now. He got so supported by his team, which he acknowledged was started by reaching out to his grandpa. He has stopped smoking pot during the day altogether, and now is looking for a job where he can utilize his brain more! He’s calling eight people today to ask for a job and updating his resume to start sending out. He’s super pumped for module and will have that $1000 payment in as soon as it clears his account (transferring it from Venmo). I’m so excited for him to continue this momentum!

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