Reply To: Guest Clients

 Sabrina Pratt

Ok Team!

We have 5 empowered and excited guest clients visiting us at module!

Sunday: Anne, Elizabeth, Leah

Tuesday: Allison, Tiffany

I see that all of our guest clients are females. My former client, Sonia, is ready to be a guest client. I can still enroll her and have that going. AND I also see something for our team to enroll a male guest client.

Charlie? Mike? I am thinking that you all have so many ties in the San Diego area and have been in action around your client game so I see something in it for you two to enroll a male guest client. What do you think?

Team, what do you see?

To Saturday’s completion, I will bring what I see for Sunday guest client/participant match ups and also wanted team to have an opportunity to put in what you see. Let me know! Let us know!



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