Reply To: Coronavirus

 Juliana Sih

Thanks for sharing Nichole.

I keep thinking about this article I read from Teal Swan, a spiritual teacher I follow.

I see a lot of polarity happening right now. Which is usually required for transformation and change. All these cancellations are really just bringing everyone to a humanity level. Famous people aren’t exempt! It feels strangely Uniting. I called a few people on my drive to SF today and we all talked about the virus. It felt unique, like we were all going through a “challenge” together. Hearing about their experience, sharing mine was connecting in a different way than usual. I can’t put my finger on it.

I love what you said about people slowing down. I do see that happening and see it giving people space to look deep into themselves. This fear is just a manifestation of deeper underlying fears, distrust and disconnection. And with no distractions (no basketball/sports/events), what might become available if people had to sit with all of themselves and have time to reflect?

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