Reply To: Enrollment – LKT Module 4 Absence


Quick update, team. As the conference in Orlando that Jeremy and I were going to attend has 900+ people attending in a hotel conference space with circulated air vents, etc., we have opted to recreate our trip. We are retreating to a beautiful lakehouse in Geneseo, NY (where Christine Sachs went to college, I believe 😉 where we will be designing the K-T Roethel Family Future Summit, getting some facilitated sessions in service of our future visioning and still upholding the intention of the trip! The Coronavirus presented some fun circumstances to Jeremy’s being enrolled, and I got to lean even further back and allow my breakthrough in Trust (myself and my power, him, universal energy supporting us). I’m so moved and grateful and ready for this time with him! Baby-sitters are ALL SET UP and the kids are jazzed. I’ll keep in touch, thank you for all the support! <3

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