Reply To: Virtual Module?

 Brittany Cotton

Hey all!

Thanks Nichole for bringing this, and Sabs for reaching out directly to myself and Kerry around Lesa.

First I want to share this is a dialogue we have been in as a company the last week or so. And today on our registration call (no you didn’t miss a call, we have reg call for leaders of reg games😊)  we really looked at how this is our work: in the face of a fear, we support people to create what sources and serves their commitment, future, relationships, etc. That this is what we are trained warriors for! So I just want to remind us of this, this is literally our work. Being a stand for humanity, commitment, well being, etc in the face of any fear and circumstance. Let us remember the training we have in this time, such that we can really source ourselves and the people around us in a time of uncertainty.

And since this is all in our wheelhouse, and we get to choose being our work inside of it: Nichole- no more of you bringing question or what should we do, without sharing what you see. Maybe you have a virtual idea that would completely shift what we see, I don’t know! So please bring your voice of what you see, WHILE asking team what they see.

Here’s what I’m present to:

Last weekend AC had our usual 1st weekend of the month programs (with an addition of added responsibility around hygiene and personal space) everyone showed up empowered, committed to the work, and committed to their own well being. Both leader and participant teams.

I personally asked Lina to get in touch with the Sheraton around this, and ask what they are creating for us as guests at this time. Here is their response:

We are closely following all CDC-issued prevention guidelines and have proactively adopted a number of measures to keep our guests and staff healthy:
• On-going sanitization of all guestrooms and public spaces, with particular attention to high touch areas such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, etc.
• Hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the resort, for guest and associate use.
• Staff awareness training has been conducted & literature distributed about the Coronavirus.
• An on-call doctor is available for our guests should they need one

Yes, we will provide extra tissue boxes and extra glasses. The hand sanitizer is available in all public areas.

What I see in terms of the virtual conversation: Currently no one has said they will not be attending due to fear or concern around coming, so I see that we have our program as it stands. If you get sick or do not feel well, do not come. And if you are sick, or get sick, from an integrity and well being stand point, it doesn’t make sense to be virtually attending when you ought to be resting. Simply using Lesa as an example since she is the person who is currently under the weather: does it actually serve her to be on zoom for 8+ hours and 4 straight days with a 102 fever?  We always stand for integrity of well being in service of the individual or group. If someone is really sick and with a fever, I’m not enrolled in them attending virtually, but getting rest, getting what they need, and then having the videos to watch later.

Now, if someone is not sick, or is on the mend and wants the opportunity to attend virtually I am absolutely open to that conversation, and want to hear what you all see, think, have ideas about how that could go.  What I am not enrolled in is us getting pulled into an emergency conversation around this, cause I think theres too much of that in the world already. We have an opportunity to model stand and Being, and so while Lesa is looking for answers NOW, I see her top priority being her health, knowing that we will create what we can to support her.

And if it comes down to it, we can totally create virtual, so thats a no brainer. What I want to know is: who do we want to be about it inside of integrity and being, and not just in terms of a control and manage, “do” the situation? Cause thats what I see is valuable here, to cause needs being met, inside of our work, not in a fear/rushed manner.

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