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 Kerry Zurier

Hello team!

This is what I just posted on the participant forum.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Amazing Coaches and Leaders,

I want you to know that all of the program leaders of Accomplishment Coaching have been in many conversations about this ever changing environment we are currently in.  We hold you, our participants, and our teams and staff in the highest regard and want to provide the highest quality training program at all times.

In addition to the post in this thread which also includes the communication from Christopher McAuliffe, Founder and CEO …by the way, you will be meeting him this weekend!…I wanted to give you the latest updates which were aligned on today by the Senior Leader team.

As always, please reach out to your coaches, or me, at any time with questions.

Our main intention is to model our work and be responsive, responsible and not reactive to the current environment and all the recommendations to curtail this virus.  Toward that end, for March, Accomplishment Coaching will:

  1. Continue to hold our programs in person.
  2. As of right now, my understanding is that everyone has the intention to be at the module in person.  Should that change, we will honor and empower people’s choice to not be at the weekend/module.
  3. If you choose not to attend in person, we will offer an opportunity to join virtually.
    1. If you join virtually, you must attend the entire program for attendance purposes.
    2. Please bring a phone, iPad or laptop with ZOOM pre-loaded so that a virtual option is easier.
    3. As always, if you are not attending because of well-being, please take care of yourself first and foremost.  Reach out to your coach to get supported about when to choose to attend virtually.
  4. Our intention is to actively minimize additional in person exposure which means moving guest clients to zoom.   We will, however still have the photographer on Sunday morning.
  5. We will hold the observation and workshops, however we are cancelling the Monday workshop.
  6. If you have any autoimmune conditions or health related issues, please get supported by your coach and, of course, we will work with you.
  7. All other aspects of Christopher’s CEO email prevail.  And, he will be sending another update very soon which reinforces what I am sharing now, as I wanted to get this info to you asap.
  8. And, as always, and as coaches, look to stand and context first.

For April, AC is moving to an all virtual format for the month.  As our program does not meet in April, we will continue our program with the addition of T-time as per usual.  And, of course, we will be revisiting and updating as often as we need to.

I appreciate all of you and looking forward to being with you on Saturday.

With deep, deep gratitude,




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