Reply To: Support Structures for Our Team Being

 Charlie Horn


thanks for bringing all of you and continuing to on the forum. I wanted to get on and share while this is fresh for me. What I am really present to with being virtual and everything you are sharing about what is available still even being virtual is that connection and presence (like so many other things) are a choice. From intention and choice we can all still have powerful transformative modules.
laying the planks for everyone is part of the process I see to take on from here. Enrolling everyone to create a container for choice in our individual spaces we will be operating from during module will support being at choice.
LKT, T, and Mike were not physically present and yet they were taking up space on our team and were certainly with me the whole time. From there I see the same quality of connection, team and togetherness can be had.
I see that what we create between now and the next module will only reinforce the depth of our capacity for this connection.
So much was created this module and leading up to it. I can’t wait to take another bite!!

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