Reply To: What is AC's response to COVID-19?

 Jeff Miller

Thanks for bringing this Nichole! And thanks for being willing to hop on the phone yesterday and have a phone conversation about it as well.

From the highest level, I see the need for proactive leadership, team and playing out loud. And I want to own as a team member that I did not request the “AC email” be brought to Monday evening completion. I had it in my mind and was on my break and lost it. I can see the lack of ownership and leadership in that. I actually saw this play out this way and slipped my mind. Additionally, we are all adjusting and shifting to all of the changes. Individuals and companies are all just trying to do their best and have to make in the moment decisions and it has a lot of challenges. I actually do not have a content based answer for this situation, but I know we will have one.

As far as income and something we all potentially could be facing, I agree getting out ahead of it is crucial. And this is another place myself or Nichole or anyone of us could stop. All of us, if we had to make a choice of feeding our families or paying or coach would choose option A. But as coaches in the world we know that EVERYTHING is a circumstance. COVID-19, Cancer or a pimple are all merely circumstances. Some more relatable than others. So I love the conversation that Nichole is bringing around potential things that will or are coming up. WHO are we doing to be about this as a team? For myself, I am going to be compassionate, empathetic and leader in all of my conversations with my clients, family, friends and most importantly myself. I just want to go away for 2 weeks and come back and this thing is gone. And after I clear and get complete I realize that this is the work I signed up for and this is a circumstance that I can thrive and support others to thrive.

So Nichole and team, we will have clients who choose to complete because of money, time, fear, etc. It is not our job to convince anyone to continue to coach. Our job is to reflect their greatness and what is possible if they were to lean in. It is also our job to get ridiculously supported (thanks Sabs for creating structures for our team) and do/be our work.

Who else has something for our team?

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