Reply To: What is AC's response to COVID-19?

 Brittany Cotton

Hey all,

My intention is to zoom even further out. And I want to start by sharing my experience.

After Mel came in and shared about the participant in monthly, I freaked out a little. I was upset that we didn’t know who it was, because how would I know if I hugged that person or not. I then got supported and realized, nothing had actually changed for me. I showed up to the weekend knowing that it was totally possible, and probably even likely, that I would be with someone who had been exposed, and it might even by myself.

When Kerry and I talked that night, it was shared that AC would bring a statement to teams about this. As the situation unfolded it was shared that the person who had been exposed to COVID-19 hadn’t been to reg lunch, and likely hadn’t interacted with anyone from our team. (This person shared with his whole participant team).

Then boom, the decision last minute was made to go online. And I was so exhausted, I completely turned off. Fast forward to Nichole’s post, and I was like wow I totally forgot about all of that.

So 1, I apologize that I forgot. I get how big of a deal this is, and I myself am still navigating my own fears about exposure, so it absolutely wasn’t my intention to drop the ball here as one of the leader’s of this team. AND Nichole content wise I agree, I would have told someone who was staying with me as well if they hadn’t been taking the same precautions as me. I get you.

I also think its a breakdown that we said said we would have a statement, and then never sent one, or followed up about it. That’s not who we are, and what we stand for. Our commitment is to integrity, and being leaders. So I acknowledge that there was a breakdown here.

Here’s what I have to offer our team, Nichole, and Jeff from zooming out. And thanks Jeff for pointing to the circumstance in all of this. Our work is to choose outside of circumstances, no matter how big or how small, and circumstances are also where we get to work on our stuff, as it slaps us in the face with it 🙂

What I notice Nichole is the way you brought this, it occurs as inside of complaint, permission, and “right way.” Now I get this whole thing is bigger than all our SMs stuff, and it also isn’t. Our work is to be ontological regardless of the content. So my experience is you brought this conversation inside of your pattern of complaint disguised as “there is a better way.” I also am such a stand that you break up permission based leadership. Im curious why not go straight to Christopher and ask about the statement? Or ask what was so? I see a pattern of hanging back, and then being at the effect of hanging back.

From essence, and your bold leadership, what would it look like to bring what you see outside of “this is wrong” or “I expect better”? (Again, I’m not saying better shouldn’t be expected, but thats not a breakthrough lens for you to bring something through, and my experience is it dampens your leadership)

Jeff what I notice is you stepped over this, and maybe you didn’t in your call with Nichole? But its missing here. I wonder what pattern you are in in your leadership? And same question for me— I’m over here toggling on how to hold it all together, while being supportive, and try my best to not make it messy. Which had me read this through multiple times thinking “is Nichole going to know I love her, and that my stand is that she break up this pattern AND get her needs met AND be heard, and that she will know I agree a lot too, and that I wont upset anyone?” I keep having to choose outside of my fear of upsetting someone, to really push myself to zoom further and further out…

What I understand more and more is the power of this work, and that in times of great upheaval it isn’t “this is too big” for an ontological conversation but, this is to big not to be and do our work. I love the conversation around what is to come and how we need to support each other, cause yeah, the world is about to be in a new money conversation… but remember, NOT REALLY. We still have our same contexts, and maybe they even get wonkier. Our job is to relate to it as flat, and get supported. Remember money in and money out = money left. And right now that number is changing for a lot of people, so our job is to support ourselves and others in that, because we HAVE THE TOOLS.

I have two clients who just told me they have to complete next week, which has me still qualified and okay money wise, but puts me in a difficult position with my integrity of at least half my clients through AC (as they are both in AC). A part of me is like dude COVID-19 is too big to worry about my small thing of not being in integrity, but then I’m like wait, if I lose my integrity there, where else will i. So I need help navigating that y’all. How will we navigate as a team so many circumstances that directly impact our money, our client practices, our integrity??

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