Reply To: What is AC's response to COVID-19?


As the situation unfolded it was shared that the person who had been exposed to COVID-19 hadn’t been to reg lunch, and likely hadn’t interacted with anyone from our team.

This has me think that you (or AC or whoever) are uninformed on how this virus spreads. If Person (can we just say who it is?) was exposed to the virus and then he hugs Jocelyn, and then Jocelyn went to my house and hung out with my brother (which all happened, by the way), that is something that Ryan should know–and I should know! And if it weren’t for the fact that we were all in the room when Mel came in, I now have doubts that AC would have informed me. And Jocelyn, Ryan, and myself are not the only people who co-mingled that weekend.

I don’t really have a relationship with Christopher, so it didn’t occur to me to go straight to him. But I’m happy to do that after I get complete. I honestly don’t know how much involvement he has in this or any decisions that are made with our team. I am a little in the dark there.

Regarding this statement:

Which had me read this through multiple times thinking “is Nichole going to know I love her, and that my stand is that she break up this pattern AND get her needs met AND be heard, and that she will know I agree a lot too, and that I wont upset anyone?”

Britt, please know that I totally get it and I know you are here to help me step up my leadership. I love and appreciate you and all of your bold reflections SO MUCH. So, thank you. Even when I’m cranky, I totally know that you are coming from the place that is going to serve me best.

I will zoom out and come back in.


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