Reply To: What is AC's response to COVID-19?

 Sabrina Pratt

I wish I knew what was said in the 1:1 phone call with Nichole. She’s not the only one worried or concerned or frustrated that we were re-assured there would be more communication from AC and then there wasn’t. I also have people I am close to who I feel like I’m keeping a weird secret from now.

And when I brought it up during completion Monday it was stepped over. I was told we were fine because they didn’t come to reg lunch. And in my head I was like “the rest of their freaking team did.” And here it is being stepped over again.

I can’t even read or hear most of what Jeff & Britt wrote because I’m starting to get so pissed about what’s up. I’ve got lots of feelings and apparently they’re all bubbling up right here.

Higher level leadership indeed. What’s up? Is AC going to communicate with our participant team or shall I just higher level leadership myself directly to my friends that I registered?

Definitely need support on getting complete. Also just need some things directly addressed.

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