Reply To: What is AC's response to COVID-19?

 Kerry Zurier

Hello All,

I’ve been supporting Brittany and Jeff in this conversation in my commitment to their leadership.

And, I am stepping in now to enroll/re-enroll  you in our work.

We are all on each other’s side.

We are all in this together.

And, we are all doing the best job that we know how to do.

Please continue to get supported.  Please continue to do our work and get CPR…complete, present and responsible.

Please remember that we are all Accomplishment Coaching.

There is a communication from AC that will come out very soon….likely by Monday.  I am committed to that and in process with Christopher to ensure that a communication comes out.

What I am noticing (and we distinguished during the module) is that this time of extreme stress, however people typically react is  literally magnified exponentially.  I get it, we are all scared. We are all living moment by moment.  We are all dealing with the unknown in a way that has never been dealt with before.

I choose to remember that we all love each other and need each other.  And, that we all want the best for each other.

I love you all.  We will not only get through this, we will all be better in the long run for this.

And, when we can’t be in that place, we need each other to remind each other of that.

When I am taken out, you will not be.  And, vice versa.

We are leaders, we are coaches, we are the future.

Please know that, because Melanie as a representative from monthly said a communication would be going out, I will ensure a communication goes out.  We are on it.

With love and a stand,



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