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Thank you, Kerry. I do know that we are all on the same team and we need each other. For sure, for sure, for sure!! I brought this conversation with a desire to be involved in it. I have to be honest that while I do know that we are all AC and we are on the same team, the hierarchy of the leadership has me not knowing how to respond sometimes. There are conversations happening in silos and some of us being left in the dark. Team conversations around these issues would be really helpful and appreciated.

I want to give you one example of what has me feeling this way. On Saturday when JuSih stood up to address the observation guests, she introduced herself as a leader and you interrupted her and spoke over her, “Did you get promoted?” It was jarring and felt unnecessary and kind of awkward. She quickly corrected herself but I could tell it shook her a little. And to everyone else who was present, would that have mattered? What was that about? We do refer to ourselves collectively as a leadership team, but there seem to be some unspoken rules within the team about how each of us ranks and what we’re allowed to do/say. Can we put those unspoken rules on loudspeaker?

I don’t mean to convolute the issue and stack complaints on top. I hope you know I’m coming from a place of wanting to understand and just noticing things that don’t make sense to me, and this has been bothering me since Saturday and only now just popped back in my mind as I think about our team dynamic. Thanks for your input and continued leadership through this crazy time. We love and appreciate you very much!!

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