Reply To: I'm Struggling

 Juliana Sih

Sabs, it makes me sad to see you in pain. I very much enjoyed our recent time together! You are one powerful Leader!

I think it’s pretty normal to be experiencing all this right now. SM’s are on steroids and having a field day. Things are changing rapidly and its normal to be in this space. Thanks for sharing all of you with us.

What I have found for myself is that this particular time is for healing, reflecting, reprioritizing and expanding. No more distracting and justifying why my SM is the way is it. No more running away from fear and blaming others. It’s time to do the deep work.

My experience of you is that the closer and more connected you get to us, the more your SM wants to fight and distance itself.

For this moment, can you let this be? Can you touch this with compassion? What would love say to you right now? What do you truly need?




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