Reply To: Payments


I feel a little sick over this. I chatted with Jonathan this morning. Here’s what’s so:

He is down to $800. He spent $1400 on food and supplies for quarantine because he doesn’t know when he’ll have more money coming in. He is not willing to spend his last $800 on an AC payment. He’s still dedicated to getting his group coaching going so that he can make money, but I don’t think that’s going to have anything go differently with his AC payments. He wants to defer payments and said what the team decided together is that they are going to have a kickstarter campaign to raise money for the people who are behind. And whoa, I have a loooooooot of opinions about that so I may need to get some support before I support anyone else on the participant team. This is just… I dunno. Fun times. 🙂 Help, please!

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