Reply To: Module 5 – – oh yea!

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks all!

YES- to your question LKT. The leader team has been non stop at looking at clips being rolled out, how people respond, whats missing, whats working, etc. All teams, to my knowledge are currently using the same New clips, and taking note of how it goes, the response, as so forth.

The opportunity for someone to own the clips, is to be the ONE for all things technology (this will look much different as we will be showing them virtually). And I see a great opportunity for who ever owns this, getting into RELATIONSHIP (you hear that, RELATIONSHIP) with other teams on how it went, and what it can look like. For example Monthly was in Relationship last weekend, and while they weren’t fully virtual while showing the clips, they might have some insight. The owner will also be supported by LKT in how to get the clips, etc.

So LKT for your leadership of production, please be at cause to get this training.

What I see in this opportunity is creating the space for the clips, much like Nichole will be creating the same for the display.


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