Reply To: Venting in Place

 Charlie Horn

There was a time when anything that resembled conflict would have me hiding. Now I’m like… there’s some stuff goin down over there. And sometimes I still hide 🙃 It’s so good to trust that on the other side of the stuff is something beautiful and real and raw and genuine. Sabrina, you gifted me with a declaration of lifetime commitment to our friendship last year during relationship module. That changed my life. It gave me a grounding that generated breakthroughs in trust that weren’t previously available to me. It’s so good Nichole to trust where you are at (or maybe where at earlier) is just a authentic expression of your truth in the moment. Our truth is our reality. And from there it is absolutely worthy of expressing. Thanks for letting us see you in this place. What I have for you is that there is a wise guide inside you that is looking for something. What is that something that you need? I can’t remember who said it but there is a request in every complaint. Will you find the real request here. I know what your request is with Ryan and I have a sneaking suspicion there is something deeper. 😊
I want to acknowledge you for being and doing all you are right now. Man, you are up in the stuff and you deserve some support. You have employees and kiddos and businesses and your own needs all in the ring right now wrestling around. I hope you get your needs met this weekend and have some you time set up. You deserve it.

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