Reply To: Module 5 – – oh yea!

 Sabrina Pratt


Nichole & team. I have some ideas for relationship display. I love a good challenge. So happy to bring those ideas- would love to see the COS and hear Nichole’s vision and then see how my ideas compliment.

Charlie, I am not enrolled in you owning this accountability. I am enroll-able but not currently enrolled. I notice a pattern of you taking on “too much” or, more accurately, taking something on and then having it become “too much” and using that as an opportunity to pull attention your way. I see that in your overwhelm you either get supported by team  briefly in the moment like a bandaid (and later beat yourself up for a long time) or suffer silently and get “supported” by team at the last minute via a scramble to know what you need and help you out seemingly ‘against your will’ because we have to because that thing needs to get done, etc. What do you see for yourself here?

Admittedly you are taking something on and then immediately calling out for ‘heavy duty support’. I am sure we as a team are willing to support you and also, from leader, Charlie- what do you see going on here? What is there for you to bring that would have you fully own and be at cause for this accountability?

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