Reply To: Guest Clients

 Sabrina Pratt

HI Team!

Guest clients Brittany & Will are non-responsive and out. GREAT NEWS THOUGH! Orin Weintraub (our awesome photographer) is IN! I spoke with Orin on Sunday- he is an incredible human, he is so enrolled in coaching and very excited for this opportunity. I have sent his paperwork to the office and am very excited to have Orin join our team as a guest client. I know that he will be a benefit to our participants and I am confident that Orin is going to be a very engaged and responsible, responsive guest client.

My request is, please have a look at the accountabilities sheet and let me know who you see for Orin to be matched with when his paperwork is complete?

Also, my request is for support in completing the essence conversation with Orin in the next few weeks before he is matched with a participant. Who will own essence conversation with Orin?

Thank you!

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