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 Brittany Cotton

hey all!

Wanted to give the team an update on Kerry and my call with Jonathan. He showed up incredibly enrolling as Leader, with the request that we not kick anyone out if they were 3 months behind.

What Kerry and I reflected to him: 1. how this was kind of weird and funny, being that HIS team had declared no one past 3 months, and then was asking us permission around their own declaration, 2. that this was more of the same, kicking the can down the road, being in a fear based conversation, versus generating plans and actions to have it go different, 3. they said no one past 3 months, what if they didn’t negotiate with themselves and got into action from their declaration.

Jonathan saw all the space for growth and breakthrough, and said that he saw what we were pointing to, and saw that leniency around payment wasn’t a breakthrough for his team but more can kicking. And declared that his team would generate a Project Design around getting everyone paid, how it would look, with milestones, etc.

All in all, Jonathan showed up as leader, and was really willing to look and see that it wasn’t an us versus them conversation, but them up against their own stuff. He also asked us some great questions on how to be a leader in the face of a team not being fully enrolled or committed. It was powerful 🙂

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