Reply To: Participant T-Time Enrollment

 Tiffany Turner

Laura –

I’m pretty frustrated about how your ownership of this has played out. Your initial response to the participants suggested that our leader team wasn’t enrolled, and you didn’t actually bring us a conversation, and it’s continuing to be stepped over now. My request is that you clean that up with us.

I also notice that it’s Friday April 3, and you made a declaration to have a response to the participants by Monday April 6. I’m challenged by the last minute leadership I experience as a pattern with you. I feel like I’ve been set up in a seduction trap where I/team either rescue you because of your regular busy-ness context, or I poke you and ask for leadership on repeat, until you ask me to step in. This happened with scanning and video access for module 4, please let me know if you need me to point to the pattern in another way.

I can see that I’ve enabled this last-minute, hand-off leadership, and I’m a demand that it end. I will not support requests inside this pattern anymore. We’ve been here too long, and it’s not working. I don’t think it’s working in your life, or in this work. It’s not working for the production of this program or what team needs of you as a declared LIT. So let’s please find a new way. I’m enrolled in you, I’m enrolled in your parenthood, I’m enrolled in your marriage, I’m enrolled in your business, I’m enrolled in your commitment to mothers. I’m not enrolled in this flavor of your leadership.

What do you need from me or team to have it go differently moving forward?


In response to the participant thread about t-time, I’m mostly enrolled in 5pm Tuesday’s for 90 minutes. I would need their entire team to be enrolled, other than that, I’ll make it work on my end.

whos next?


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