Reply To: Participant T-Time Enrollment

 Jeff Miller

Hey LKT,

I am fully caught up on the participant forum and yet still unclear about what the team as a whole is requesting. I see Bree is requesting 5-6:30pm PST T-times moving forward. Is the participant team enrolled in that? Is the leadership team enrolled in that?

I shared this with you LKT, but I want to put this on the forum as well. From a customer service standpoint it feels a little long to actually generate and create a response back to the participants. And from what I see here is a one foot in one foot out with you about wanting to own it and yet not wanting to do anything AC during 5th week. This seems similar to what T put in around what you have trained us in and what we have trained ourselves in. I’m curious what do you see is happening here LKT? My overall experience of you is that you either show up like a bad ass leader or a whiny burned out flat tire. And I rarely see anything in between. I know the amazing work you are doing, and the game of integration you are playing. What I don’t know is how can we and how can you support you in creating this? To T’s point what we are currently experiencing isn’t working.

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