Reply To: Participant T-Time Enrollment

 Tiffany Turner

Team, who do we want to be about this participant request?

I see that our team needs time to align, and I’m worried we’re short on time to create this. I want to model partnership and integrity to the peeps, and I want us to be our word on our self-set deadline.

laura, I text you twice yesterday, and twice you said you’d respond later, and I still haven’t heard from you. I love you, and this is more of the same.

team I don’t want to step in and rescue LKT from her accountability. Where do you see for me to go instead in upholding partnership and integrity to our peeps, while also being At Cause to produce this program > our breakthroughs as the leaders of this program?

if we haven’t heard from you yet, please bring your voice to this thread ASAP.

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