Reply To: Participant T-Time Enrollment

 Brittany Cotton

Hi all!

One of the things I am working on is leaning back and allowing more voices to be heard before I jump in. I see this as an opportunity for more leadership from Jeff and LKT in their ownership of team and production, and for all of us to find our voices of leadership.

Its going to be a challenge for me not to respond immediately but I ask for your patience as I really work on partnership with you all, and not needing to jump in and control immediately.

Regarding T-time: I am fully enrolled in who they are being, and what they created in one of their first stabs at enrollment as a team. While it is a conflict for me to do 5-6:30 I am also willing to make it work!

LKT thanks for asking us to look at what we are getting enrolled in, and I want to take it one step further. What are we getting enrolled in with each other? It seems like our team is “default” enrolled in your overwhelm and pop in leadership, as we haven’t stood for it in a way that has it go different. I notice when I start to desire more of you, I also have a voice in my head like “she’s drowning” or she’s too busy leave her alone. And I realized how wacky that is. I don’t even know if thats whats going on, but I noticed its the story I have become enrolled in based on your actions and who you are being the last few weeks. I love you so so much, and I feel like there is some taking care of you or your time because what you have going on. I am not saying we shouldn’t support, I absolutely want to support you. But I’m not actually clear on how to do that without “adding more to your plate.”

With you asking that we be caught up on the participants thread by monday- to me suggests as a team that we have somehow enrolled each other in not being caught up anyway. I don’t know about anyone else, but that seems like a simple aspect of our leadership, and that we need to ask that everyone be caught up landed funnily to me. Not you bringing it LKT, to be clear. But that thats something we even have to ask for. It would be like asking “would please come to production?”

I want to be super clear not bringing these as make wrongs, but to look at what we all might be unconsciously or “default” enrolled in as a team. And thats a funny way to say it cause we know we aren’t enrolled in LKT being overwhelmed, but we might look at how our actions or waiting for her suggest that. Just like we might actually be enrolled in Jeff’s side ways leadership, but we continue to create the space for it and allow it.

Anyway I love all of you, and I share this as an offering for us to look at What we are enrolled in as a team, as we start to really really train and hone our peeps enrollment skills.

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