Reply To: Participant T-Time Enrollment

 Juliana Sih

Up-t0 date and aligned with the 90-min T-Time. I have a conflict but can rearrange! I love the teams leadership and their Being of At Cause, it’s powerful and enrolling.

Britt and T: I see where you are pointing. We have trained each other in “how to leave me alone”. Blah blah blah (overwhelm language) and I get enrolled. I’ve even enrolled myself in my own overwhelm (sigh!).

Other things I know I’ve trained/enrolled team in:

-I will do the minimum to get by.

-I will take on production items to distract and be in lots of Doing.

-A for effort. Won’t bring you bad news until called out or HAVE too.

-Mediocre if fine.

What can you distinguish you’ve trained team in?


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