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 Juliana Sih

Britt, I was excited to review your call and sorry we didn’t get to it today.

Can we all align on posting our ICF Form here in service of  A) calibration B) training C) give Britt the feedback D) Acknowledge Britt ??

Is this the right protocol? Or should we create another call? (Right/wrong context). Going to keep going and someone can put the training in!

This was my favorite quote from the call: Do you have a crystal ball? Pass that shit over.

Britt I want to acknowledge you for your presence, care, love, lightness and humor. For totally getting Valerie and being with her throughout the call. Thanks for being a bad-ass coach and seeing soooo much! You are a rock star and will keep standing for you to be in Rolling Stones haha 🙂

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