Reply To: Venting in Place

 Charlie Horn


thank you for being with all of your moms stuff in addition to the rest of life right now.
you deserve the support of your mom right now and always. She is the parent and it’s her job to be there for you. It breaks my heart that your mom is not in a place to be that support. I hear you and I see you from a place that is similar over here with my mom. You all may remember her reaction at the observation she came to. She is my teacher of how to be at affect.
My sisters, brother and I have the discussion about  how we parent our parents. It’s ridiculous and perfect all at the same time. I have so much compassion and empathy for you and for your mom. Your service to your family friends and employees is vast and the consequences Are vast as well. You play big in life and I have it that your mom was part of the foundation for how vast your impact is.
I really honor that part of you that sees the boundary to set and I’m proud of who you are being about it. I am here for you in any capacity you need me to be.

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