Reply To: Red Flag: Lesa

 Tiffany Turner

Sabs thanks for creating what you have with Lesa, and for continuously meeting her where she’s at.

What I’m curious about after reading this post, is from how this was shared, it occurs like Lesa already chose out, and then brought a convo to you to reinforce the decision she already made. Did you bring the “It seems that you’ve already chosen” convo to her?

I’m all for Lesa having an empowered conversation about in/out, and choosing, this just doesn’t sound like an empowered convo where she actually explored and made a powerful choice.

For you Sabs, it seems like you might be eager to release the burden of Lesa, and from that place, are relieved to relate to her as out. Will you go look and see if this land at all?

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