Reply To: Red Flag: Lesa


Sabs, may I remind you – you are practicing bringing a lot of your humanity and vulnerability so be on high alert for your SM outbursts with some structures. Me too. We alllllllll can right now. Please everyone get supported when you’re taken out and keep practicing bringing CPR here.

And Sabrina, thank you so much for partnering with Lesa to and through this point. Ins and outs and beginnings and endings carry A LOT for people and you have expanded your be with, your heart, your stand, your compassion, your patience. I acknowledge you for bringing the level of completion you did to your conversation with me the other night, and to your commitment with Lesa.

Anyone ever talk to you about the “you missed a spot” context that we empower? It’s annoying (my judgment) and it means I can never get it right, dammit, because the way the light shines from your vantage point there’s gonna be an unpolished spot I missed and then a whole new layer to get to work on once the entire surface is shiny anyway.

Please continue to do your work diligently around your being through Lesa’s ultimate completion whether that’s tomorrow in a RTW notice or whether she flip flops back to a declaration of IN next week.

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