Reply To: Red Flag: Lesa

 Tiffany Turner

I have no judgement of who you are being to Lesa or our team. I have no judgement about how your call went.

All I know about Lesa’s out convo is what you shared in your post.

I’m a stand that our reflections for you not be a place where your SM relates to it as an attack. My reflections in this thread are from a place of love for you and love for Lesa.

I suspect that our team shies away from the part of your SM that feels attacked, and then chooses to be taken out. So I’m going to stand that this part of your SM retire 🙂

Sabs I love you. I trust you. I think you are being an incredible coach. I think you are exactly what and who Lesa needs. I know you are supporting her well. You are an asset to our team and your voice is nonnegotiable. Please keep being you, all of you, and don’t stop.

I love you. I’m standing for you.

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