Reply To: Red Flag: Lesa

 Sabrina Pratt

We are so trained to look for the gap and the missed spot. As a team I have noticed that the good get stepped over in our hurry to find the gap and get to that. right now what I’m saying is that “I, Sabrina, have had a crap week, felt like crap and have been doing the work to show up powerfully for Lesa, our team, my community and myself.” I am requesting some compassion and love from my team, right now. When you leap over my humanity and heart into all the “things I did wrong/coulda done better” and just get right into reflections for me, etc. it is hurtful and lands as dismissive. That’s what I’m saying: my request is to consider My humanity and To balance your quick jump to reflections with compassion and acknowledgement of my humanity. As a team we could all use a touch more of this.

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